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It's all about strategy

In a successful business you have strategy, in your staffing, in your products and services and yet often when it comes to those businesses with smaller budgets marketing is quite ad hoc. Many business owners follow through the year vaguely thing "Oh must do something for Easter, what about pushing our degustation menu, lets try a set menu.

This sort of approach, whilst wide spread, only adds stress to the day to day running of your business and certainly will not increase your profits.

Sitting down with all the information and ideas at your finger tips and creating a solid, workable practical marketing strategy or plan within your busget is simply a must to see your business grow.

Look, if you will, to the big guns, the huge succesful businesses we all know. They are certainly not without this type of planning.

In creating such a plan you will identify your own business story, your main clientele streams and what is of interest to those people. Your marketing will become more streamlined and will of more interest to your clientele who are already overloaded with online content. You will identify different types of content to serve up and create a plan which can be used to create enough content to last you for months on end.

Stop leaving one of the most important aspects of your business to the last minute. Organize a session with me soon to start your content strategy planning.