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Leaving Social Media to the admin person?

Does that sound like a familiar strategy? Social Media has fast become your most influential and cost effective method of reaching your followers, your customers. And yet it is so often given to someone with no experience in the field. Just because Ms Jones uses facebook like a superstar in her personal life does not for one second mean she will be able to successfully use social media for your business. The two types of usage are very very different. Let me explain...

Social Media has grown exponentially in the last few years as a tool for marketing. To keep up with these changes and be aware of all the avenues, tricks and tools available is full time job in itself. So it is perfectly likeley that whilst Ms Jones is perfectly capable of popping up a nice shot of your Saturday special, she will not be at all aware that she can send that out to specific audiences in terms of interest and geography, that she could be using influencers and secondary pages to build your following and that these could all be funnelling through to your website. In fact she is most probably quite baffled by your web site and certainly isn't marketing your business as one whole homogenous package. Poor Ms Jones, this is not her fault, she is in fact a wizz at her real job title.

The other aspect to this is that Ms Jones may not be thinking of strategy and overall direction for your business. She may not have a creative marketing head, nor may she be able to cope should your business end up with any tricky public relations issues. Those pesky trolls cannnot be dealt with by simply ranting and defriending as Ms Jones does in her personal Social Media world. An emotional response to criticism on social media can be the death knell for your business.

When you begin to think about it you will realise that you are inadvertantly giving the loudest and most effective voice about your business to someone who is not best equipped to perform the task. Once again it is not Ms Jones' fault at all, simply a costly oversight made by many business owners.

Call in a professional by outsourcing your Socila Media and Content marketing.